Di Mana Cari Baju Dance Hiphop Anak Di Jakarta

Di Mana Cari Baju Dance Hiphop Anak Di Jakarta.

A fitness dance group form at the gym

Do yous oft notice yourself unconsciously moving or tapping your feet when listening to good, groovy music on your earphones?

Maybe you should try to become your groove on the trip the light fantastic floor, at least once.
Dancing is more than just an enjoyable activity to experience with friends or your partner. Dancing has ability to improve the way your brain functions. Here are few exciting things that dancing can do to your encephalon:

  1. Dancing can reduce the risk of dementia

    Research has plant that frequent dancing can influence mental acuity. People who dance regularly take greater cognitive reserves and increased complication of neuronal synapses. These neural qualities, at the end, will lower the hazard of dementia.
  2. Dancing can make you more intelligent

    The essence of intelligence is making decisions. Thus, the all-time advice to better your intelligence is to involve yourself in activities which require rapid decision making. Dancing is one of the activities that demands split-2d rapid-fire decision making. Dancing integrates several brain functions at in one case—kinesthetic, rational, musical, and emotional—which further can increase your neural connectivity.
  3. Dancing slows down aging

    As human gets older, brain cells die and synapses become weaker. Names of people, nouns, are harder to recollect considering there is simply i neural pathway that leads to these stored information. That is why if human works on learning new things like dance, it volition help to build dissimilar mental routes and many paths. Then if ane path is lost every bit a result of aging, y’all notwithstanding take an alternative path that can be used to access stored information and memories.
  4. Dancing improves residual

    If yous suffer from dizziness, so making time in your schedule for any form of trip the light fantastic is a good fashion to address this problem. Dancing helps to improve the function of human cerebellum, which in turn may help to improve your balance and make you less dizzy. But dance whatever dance you dear, all will assistance for sure.

Now that you know the benefits of dancing for our wellness, permit’s take hold of upwards with the last dance you did ages agone. Fortunately Jakarta has many trip the light fantastic toe schools and courses you can enroll in. These dance schools in Jakarta maybe volition be your choice to primary your favorite moves!

Steps Dance Academy

step dance academy

Ballet classes are open for your kiddos (3 and four years old) to adult classes. If you lot prefer modern gimmicky class, you can too go your schedule hither. Steps Trip the light fantastic Academy also opens other trip the light fantastic class such every bit hip hop (for juniors and teenagers), zumba fitness, abdomen dance, recreational hip-hop, salsa/tango, and yoga. If you don’t accept any experience in dancing, don’t worry, the instructors will teach you from the very bones.


  • Fx Sudirman seventh flooring, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman 1220 Jakarta Pusat
    Phone 021-25544454; or
  • Art & Culture Edutainment Centre, Lotte Shopping Avenue
    Jalan Prof Dr Satrio Kav 3-5, Jakarta Selatan
    Phone 021-29888640-41
    Website: www.stepsdanceacademy.weebly.com


marlupi dance

Marlupi is one of the oldest trip the light fantastic centers in Indonesia. It has ballet programs that were adapted from the U.k.’s Royal Academy of Dance and the Beijing Trip the light fantastic toe Academy. Marlupi also offers other classes for children to adults, such every bit jazz, hip-hop, gimmicky trip the light fantastic, and fitness-oriented classes including Tae Bo, standing pilates, and cardio-dance.


  • Jalan Anggur Iii No i Cipete Selatan, South Jakarta
    Phone 021-75909363
  • Jalan Bedugul 1A No 15, West Djakarta
    Phone 021-54394116
  • Komplek Ruko Gunung Sahari Permai, Jalan Gunung Sahari Raya No 60-63 Cake C No seven, Central Djakarta
    Telephone 021-4207905
  • Ruko Kebon Jeruk Permai, Jalan Kebun Jeruk Raya Blok C No 12, West Dki jakarta
    Phone 021-5322048
  • Kelapa Gading Sports Mall, Jalan Raya Kelapa Nias A 16, Showtime floor, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta
    Telephone 021-45860397

Website www.marlupi.com

Forever Trip the light fantastic toe Center

forever dance center

A sister company to Marlupi, Forever Dance Center (FDC) offers the same programs and certifications as Marlupi. If you’re an avid fan of hip-hop and M-pop dance, this school might exist the right place for you. This dance schoolhouse also opens other classes such as ballet class (for baby, kids, teen, and adult), breakdance, and private class for students.

Pulomas Timur 2 No 116 Jakarta Timur
Phone: 021-47866343
Website: http://foreverdancecenter.com/contact

Flamingo Studio


Flamingo Studio offers you with a wide variety of classes, such as Ballet, Modern Jazz, Tap Trip the light fantastic toe, Wushu, Latin Ballroom, and Acrobatique. The classes are open up not only for kids but also for adults. The classes are also available in English language and Bahasa Indonesia, and then it is expat-friendly. On top of that, it has two branches that located in strategic area in Jakarta.

Flamingo Studio:

  • Studio one: Jalan Teluk Betung No. 40, Kebon Melati, Tanah Abang Jakarta Pusat
    Phone 021-3920010
  • Studio 2: Jalan Pakubuwono Half dozen No. half-dozen (ICA School) Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
    Telephone 021-5010098
    Visit www.flamingstudio.net for more information well-nigh schedules and classes.

Jessica STAGE Trip the light fantastic Schoolhouse

jessica stage dance school'

Various dance classes are offered in Jessica Stage Dance School ranging from kids (4 to 13 years old) to adults (14 years old and up). The classes for kids are including Hip Hop, Girlicious, and Breakdance. For adults, there are Hip Hop, Sexy Jazz, Bellydance, G-pop Dance, Breakdance, Popping, and Locking classes. What makes this dance school unique is that it offers you with Wedding Trip the light fantastic class—trip the light fantastic choreography made for special couple who want to trip the light fantastic toe on their wedding.


Tanjung Duren Raya No. xix (across Bank Mega Tanjung Duren), Dki jakarta Barat
Phone: 021-5642875
Website: world wide web.jessicastagedanceschool.com

And so, are you prepare to motion your body? Hop to the dance floor and let’s dance together!

Di Mana Cari Baju Dance Hiphop Anak Di Jakarta

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